Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Will Alignment-DD 5/17/2011

"He said, 'Thus says the Lord, 'Make this valley full of trenches.' "For thus says the Lord, 'You shall not see wind nor shall you see rain; yet that valley shall be filled with water, so that you shall drink, both you and your cattle and your beasts. 2 Kings 3:16-17

The kings of Judah and Edom had allied themselves with aggrieved king of Israel, Jehoram, in an effort to do battle with the offending king of Moab. It should be noted that Jehoram was a wicked king but the king of Judah was righteous. Having set their battle plan to go through an area of wilderness, they found themselves without water for their men and animals. Wisely, they sought the prophet Elijah to advocate for them with God. It should also be noted that Elijah would have had nothing to do with Jehoram had it not been for the presence of Judah's king.

God's instruction, in short, was to prepare themselves for a miraculous blessing. They would have all the water they needed if they followed His instructions. They would not be inundated by rain which might have actually hindered their efforts, yet the Lord promised that they would have water.

Beloved, we do not always know how God will accomplish those things for which we have prayed, but we should always be prepared for an affirmative answer when the request aligns with His will. In this case the Moabites had offended God and wronged His people. It may be in your life that God take action in order to accomplish His will. Perhaps you WILL receive that promotion in order to be able to carry His word to more people and contribute more financially to His kingdom. Perhaps you WILL recover your health in an effort to be more convinced of His grace and mercy and will in turn be an encouragement to others. Perhaps He WILL send a spouse to you in order to allow you to defeat temptation and thereby be preserved. But as the kings did, you must prepare to receive such blessings.

God truly delivered on His promise to the kings. Not only did they have water to drink, but the blood like appearance of the waters' reflection of the rising sun caused the enemy to believe the kings had fought among themselves. Thinking this they went out to meet the prepared and army and were themselves consumed.

Our God is a mighty God who blesses His children in accordance with His will. Does yours align with His? Despite the fact that there may be Jehorams in your life, be sure that you are the Judah that finds favor.

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