Friday, May 20, 2011

God's Gift to Men-DD 5/20/2011

"Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her," Eph 5:25

Men, we have a great responsibility to God first and immediately thereafter, to our wives. We know that from the earliest man, there was woman given to be his wife. Not only was she formed by the Creator from the man's own body but she was presented to him by God himself, Gen 2:22. Why did God do this? The scripture reveals that He determined it was not good for man to be alone and that he needed help(2:18). What could anyone take from this except that God is wise, loving, compassionate and giving?

As with every corruption of God's design, marriage has devolved to, many times, a situation of temporary convenience. It has become as disposable as a used paper towel. We enter into the institution lightly and unadvisedly and we are quick to leave it at the earliest sign of difficulty. In so doing, we damage and sometimes outright destroy our families, we start or continue a pattern for our children's view on committment and contribute to the degredation of society. God never intended it to be this way. He intened us to be together for life.

Beloved brethren, wives are an amazing gift given to us by God Himself. With and through her, we have partnership, the ability to accomplish great things, wise counsel, the ability to be obedient to God, completeness and legacy. For this great gift, we must love, respect and give thanks to the Father. We can best accomplish this by honoring and cherishing our wives. We must be willing to prioritize her needs, support her at every turn, care for her as we care for ourselves and be willing to forgo some of our own desires for her sake.

Let us remember that Christ's relationship with the church, even with us as individuals, is the model for our marriages. We were brought together by Him. By placing God first, we can stay together through Him. We as men must immitate Christ's giving to and sacrifice for the church in our relationships with our wives. Remember, she is a gift.

Loving Like Jesus,


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