Thursday, December 10, 2015

Preservation and Restoration 12/10/15

 "For we will surely die and are like water spilled on the ground which cannot be gathered up again. Yet God does not take away life, but plans ways so that the banished one will not be cast out from him." 2 Samuel 14:14

King David committed the most grievous of sins against Uriah the Hittite by committing adultery with his wife and then murdering him.  Despite forgiving and preserving his life, God informed him that trouble and strife would never leave his household.  This involved the rape of one of his daughters by his son and the murder of that son by another.  Absalom, the murdering son, fled the country and stayed away for three years.  The bible reveals that David was both hurt and angry about what had happened but in his heart of hearts longed for the return of his boy.  The law and popular opinion prevented him from making this happen until a conspiracy was hatched between his right hand man and a hired woman to demonstrate how he should forgive and restore his son (2 Samuel 14:1-13).

Beloved, we are all guilty of sin.  At some point, in some place, in some way, we have all committed acts that are outside the will and way of God.  Though forgiveness is available and provided in the all important spiritual realm, we are likely to have suffered for those transgressions in the physical one.  When we are guilty, suffering and hurting, we have a tendency to retreat within ourselves and wrestle with our sins alone.  When we have been victimized by others, there can be the tendency to place the perpetrators into emotional and physical exile even though a part of us wants to let it go.

In either case, the words and actions of God are clear.  Whether we are guilty or victims, God performs and commands preservation and restoration. Though the Hebrews were forced to wander for forty years due to their willful and obstinate behavior in the wilderness, His plan was that they would see the promised land and they did.  Though their unfaithfulness in the promised land was punished by exile, His plan was that they would be restored to Jerusalem and they were.  Though you may suffer the earthly consequences for your sinful words, thoughts or deeds or that of others, you are God's own and He has prepared a place for you.

David received the message and, despite his son's unquestionable guilt, preserved his life, restored him to his home and ultimately to himself.  God, despite David's unquestionable guilt, preserved and restored him.  Should not you and I do likewise in view of the preservation and restoration God has made available to us?

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