Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Role Model 8/7/2013 (rp)

"The one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as he walked." 1 John 2:6

Over the past couple of days I have been having a friendly conversation with an acquaintance about role models. He tends to give me a hard time about two of my favorite sports teams (the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Cowboys) and I do the same to him about the Lakers and the Rams. Recently one of the Cowboys was accused of an egregious act of violence against his own mother, to which my buddy offered, "That's some role model you've got there."

This put me in mind of all of the people to whom we look up. Athletes, entertainers, titans in business and other individuals of wealth, power, prestige and notoriety tend to grab and hold our attention prompting many of us to pursue their particular path. Why? Is it our desire to achieve what they have gained? What about the ways they made those gains?  Perhaps you have heard of the very famous television contest (and its many clones and derivatives) that are designed to give talented individuals the opportunity to become  role models as many of their own role models have done. A person can literally become an American idol.  Having followed others are we that anxious to attract followers of our own?

Beloved, I tend to agree with the stance Charles Barkley took in a well crafted 2007 advertising campaign. He, as an athlete said, "I am not a role model." He goes on to say, "Because I can dunk a basketball does not mean I should raise your kids." While there are those in all walks of life who display admirable traits and accomplish laudable deeds, every human being is flawed and fallible. The one person who ever lived that is worthy of the ultimate role model status and label for EVERYONE is Jesus. And what is it to have a role model but to follow in his footsteps? If you are a Christian, by definition Jesus is your role model. And if he is your role model, you ought to, to the very best of your ability, do what he did.



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