Monday, November 12, 2012

Pursuing Happiness 11/12/12

"He who gives attention to the word will find good, and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord."  Prov 16:20

Sadness and sorrow are big and weighty subjects with many reasons and causes.  The same can be said for joy and happiness.  There is not a person alive who would not rather be happy than sad so let us consider ways to secure happiness.

The author of the proverb first suggest attending to the word of God.  Matthew states that it is not bread alone that sustains us but "every word that proceeds from the mouth of God" Matt 4:4.  God being our manufacturer has supplied us with a manual for life.  In it contains all we need to know about Him, His expectations and provisions and directions regarding how to lead a happy and successful life.  If we would simply follow the instructions, we would learn to experience joy and happiness even in the most challenging times.  This is possible because the word also gives us instructions on how to endure difficulties and also supplies information about the promise or everlasting peace and presence with God for all who are His.

Having attended to His word, trust in God is a logical outcome.  An even casual survey of humanity's history reveals the presence and the activity of the Lord.  This leads to an examination of our own lives where the presence of God can also be readily seen.  He has done and continues to do all that He promised.  It is up to us to constantly seek nearness with Him.  In so doing, we will be blessed or as it is otherwise translated, happy.

Beloved, we were created to be a happy, joyous, content and praising people.  Our great God has put everything in place in order to make this possible.  Each of us must decide whether that is our desire.  If so, let us attend to His word and trust Him.  He takes care of everything else.

Rejoicing in the Lord,


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