Monday, October 17, 2011

Speak Up, Speak Out!-10/17/2011

"Let the redeemed of the Lord say so..." Psa 107

So often we find our selves relaying information. In fact, our society would not be what it is (particularly in the most positive sense) without communication. These days communication is virtually instantaneous. Any major event that happens anywhere around the world can be found on cable news networks, the Internet, Facebook or Twitter within minutes. Even our television news reports are crowded with additional information streaming across the tops and bottoms of our screens.

The question must be asked, however, what really is being said? Beloved, the fruit of our lips should be professions of the goodness of God. Time and breath would not allow us to share everything the Lord has done and is doing for us, but nothing prevents us from trying. If we sat and really thought about where and what we are in the Lord versus where and what we were in the world, we could fill libraries with our testimony.

Satan gets more than enough press. Our great and mighty God's love for us endures forever. Let his redeemed make it known from the neighborhood to the mountain tops.

Loving Like Jesus,


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